Janet Graham

LIST OF WORKS, 1972-2021

1972-3 Piano Sonata
1973Cras Amet (Soprano or Tenor and Piano)
1974Diversitas (2 Pianos)
Atque in Perpetuum (3 Singers and Ensemble)
1975String Quartet No. 3
Epitaphs (Tenor, Chorus and Ensemble)
1976 Crux (Flute and Piano)
Three Pieces for Bass Clarinet and Piano
1977 The Dream (Soprano and String Quartet)
1978 Arcus (Guitar)
Lullaby (Piano)
The Call of the Tide (Choir)
A Little Duet for James and Mary (Piano Duet)
1979 Circulus (Cello and Piano)
Four Songs (Soprano and Piano)
1980 Soliliquium (Oboe)
Persephone (Piano)
This Great and Wide Sea (Soprano, Clarinet, Piano and Percussion)
1981 Septet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Percussion)
When We Two Walked (Soprano, Clarinet and Piano)
Evening Flights (Flute)
Quartet for Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello
1982 String quartet No. 4
1982-3 The Sons of Cronos (Orchestra)
1983 Hecate (Piano)
1984 Elegy (Flute and Piano)
Iris (Piano)
1985 Until the Sunset Hour (Mezzo-soprano and Ensemble)
Two Christmas Motets (Choir)
Sonatina (Piano)
1986 Three Pieces for Organ
Canta Mihi Aliquid (Soloists, Choir and Ensemble)
1987 Five Pieces for Violin
The Sons of Cronos (Piano Duet arrangement)
Seven Songs from the North-East (Clarinet and violin)
1988 Two Winter Songs (Female Chorus)
1989 From Dusk to Dawn (Flute, oboe and piano)
1990 Earth Cry (Oboe, Trumpet and Piano)
2002 Piano Piece
Eighty Notes for James (Piano)
2004 Quest (Organ, 3 pieces)
2012 Ca' Hawkie through the Water (N.E. folk song arr. 4-part choir and piano)
Dol-li-a (N.E. folk song arr. 4-part choir)
When I was young (N.E. folk song arr. 4-part choir and piano
2014 The Light (Choir)
Cradle Song (Choir)
Tractor and Plough (Choir)
2015 North-East Hauntings (Piano)
2016 Duo for Flute and Piano
Four Pieces for Four Bass Clarinets
Cradle Song (Recorder, Soprano, Piano)
2017 Arise, shine! (Choir)
Sonata for Piano
Doodlings, Sets 1 and 2 (Piano)
2018 Thaw (Oboe, Bass Clarinet and Piano)
Thaw (Oboe, Bass clarinet and String Orchestra)
Doodlings, Set 3 (Piano)
The Bed of Dreams (Song Cycle for Soprano or Tenor and Piano)
2019 Duo for Violin and Piano
North-East Visions (Piano, 3 pieces)
Three Pieces for Wind Quintet
2020 Winter Wanderings – A sonata in 2 movements (Piano)
Doodlings, Set 4 (Piano)
Churchyard Blackbird at Pentecost (Piano)
2021 Advent Thoughts (Piano)
Doodlings, Set 5 (Piano, left hand)
Out of the Depths (Organ)
2023 Earth Shout (String Quartet)
Meditation on a Northumbrian Song (Viola)
Doodlings, Set 6 (Piano)



Three North East Folk Songs, 2014
  1. Ca' Hawkie through the water (SATB & Piano)
  2. Dol-li-a (SATB)
  3. When I was young (SATB & Piano)
Go down, Moses (SATB), 2018

Voice (or Unison Choir) & Piano

Christmas Carols:

  1. I wonder as I wander, 2018
  2. Now leave your sheep, 2019
  3. Blessed be that maid Marie, 2019
  4. In nightly stillness, 2021
Were you there when they crucified my Lord? 2021